Women’s Contract Club


Recently changes were announced for the remaining WCC games this Spring. Here are the details from President, Deb Vance:

  • March 25 will be a regular game.  The Guest Social is cancelled due to National’s in Louisville. We will play at 11:30, our regular (non-food game) start time.
  • The April Guest Social will now be April 4 at 11:00 am (not the 18th).  The theme for this game is “Honoring Past Presidents.”  If you were going to bring food for March 25, please contact Pam Paschke Kilgard to let her know if you are willing to bring food on April 4.
  • As Memorial Day is in the month of May, our May 2 game will be dedicated as a time for remembrance of those WCC members who are no longer with us. I hope you will join us on May 2 to toast our past, our present and our future. We plan to have Women’s Contract Bridge Club memorabilia and our beautiful trophy on display that day. This is not a Guest Social luncheon date but guests are still welcome to attend.
  • May 9 will be our Closing Party at Woodstock Country Club.  At our Closing Party, the winner of our Trophy for the 2023-2024 year will be announced.  The Women’s Contract Bridge Club Board of Directors for 2024-2025 will be introduced at the Closing Party. 
Lastly, please remember to look for emails from Sherry Levy.  She sends email reminders of upcoming events/games and notifications of any needs, such as a need for a partner or a need to donate food.
Deb Vance
Cell:  574-850-4904 

Want a recipe from WCC Socials? Click here.

Revised 2023 2024 Game And Event Schedule (2)

There will be several games that include lunch and members can bring guests. The dates are 

October 26
November 16
January 25
February 15
March 21
April 18

Pictures from the 2023 Opening Parting:

Wcc Opening Party 2023 2 Wcc Opening Party 2023