North American Pairs

Note from Tom Frank explaining North American Pairs

Hi Everyone,

You may have noticed on the June Club Calendar several games highlighted as North American Pairs (NAP) qualifiers. There will be qualifiers all summer –June, July, and August. NAP is an event held by ACBL that starts with qualifying games at local clubs all over North America.

Here is how it works. You can play in as many qualifying games as you want, the games usually cost an extra dollar or two. John sets up our games to match the strats that ACBL uses for the NAP:

A:    open, unlimited
B:    0-2,500 master points
C:    0-500 master points AND not a Life Master

When you play in one of the NAP qualifiers, if you finish at or near 50%, you become qualified for the District Finals. You will see a “Q” on the game summary to the right of your name. You can qualify in your strat and higher strats at the same time. The master points you earn in an NAP qualifier at our club are split between red and black. (If you are hunting for red, play in qualifiers). All you need to play in the District Finals is one “Q”. You can have more than 1, but only 1 is needed.

So, if you have a Q, please go to the District Finals. The final is held in October at the Cincinnati Bridge Center (about a 1:45 drive from the club). The B final is on Saturday, October 19, the A and the C finals are on Sunday, October 20. If you qualified in more than one strat, you can play both Saturday and Sunday.

The District Finals are two-session pairs games. In the past, the first session starts at 10:30, the second session about 2:30 and you can be on your way home by about 6:00. The Cincinnati Bridge Center is very welcoming, they have donuts and such before the game and sandwiches for lunch (no charge). You do not have to play with the partner who you qualified with, just someone who has also earned a “Q”.

There are some real benefits to going to the District Finals. You will only play people in your strat. Saturday is only people who qualified in B. Sunday there are two completely separate games. One for C players only (no sharks allowed) and one for A players (and anyone who wants to swim with the sharks). If you finish in the top 40% in your game, you get gold points as follows:A strata and  B strata games, all gold.
C strata pays 50% gold and 50% red.
If you need gold, here’s what happened last year in the C game with 13 pairs (6.5 tables). The top 5 pairs all won gold (1st place won 7.5 gold, down to 5th place 2.5 gold). Finish 5th out of 13 and win gold.

If you finish in the top 4 in any strat, you are qualified to play in the Memphis National Finals in March 2025. There is usually a stipend for the top 3 pairs. Last year the winners received $700, the next places paid $350 and $100 each. You must play in the National Finals to get the payout.

Important Rule:
Whoever you play with in Cincinnati at the , has to be your partner in Memphis. If you can’t go, then the entry and the stipend passes to the next pair. So play in the NAP qualifiers at the club, when you qualify, mark the date on you calendar (Oct 19th and/or 20th). Go have fun (and a free lunch).

If you have questions, ask Tom Frank or John Nichols.

Tom Frank