Board Meeting Update

June 29, 2024

Dear Indianapolis Bridge Center (IBC) Members:                                       

Due to vacations and other schedule conflicts, the IBC Board of Directors did not meet until June 17, 2024, and our next meeting will be Monday, August 5, at 2:45 p.m.

As you know, June has been an especially busy month at IBC due to our Longest Day fundraising activities to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association, ACBL’s national charity.  Our dollar goal is $50,000 and our overall goal is to help fulfill our 501 C4 status requirement to serve the social welfare of our community. Thanks to our staff and Longest Day chair, Mary King, and her dedicated, volunteer committee, we think we will attain our goals. We technically have until the end of July to raise funds so it’s not too late to donate. Make checks payable to the Alzheimer’s Association with a note that is from the IBC’s LD. There is one more activity planned – a silent auction of household and decorative items. Watch for more details about it.   BIG THANKS to everyone who has already participated and/or contributed !!!

Congratulations to May’s Novice of the Month, Mary Pat Schmidt. Her party will be Tuesday, August 13, 6:30 evening game.

Mitchell Pote was May’s Player of the Month and his party had been set for July 1 at the 11:00 Open Game. His untimely passing has obviously changed plans for that day. Mitchell was one of IBC’s most dedicated and loyal members. He was a generous “A” player always willing to help others and he was committed to continually learning more about the game he loved. At his family’s request, IBC will be the site for a memorial service starting at 10 a.m. on July 1. Lunch will also be provided. Please sign up or call to let us know how many of you plan to attend.

We are also deeply saddened by the recent loss of Jim Rowen, a previous IBC Board President. Jim was a constant resource and support for staff and board members. I will be forever grateful for his agreeing, when I asked, to lead two task forces, Business Plan and Succession Plan.

Some good news is that we continue to stay on target with our financial business plan. However, our Club Manager advises us that the cost of everything is increasing. We may also have a significant capital expense to replace the chairs in the “big” room. As always, she will work to find us the best possible quality at the most reasonable price. Board Treasurer, Nick Curott, and Finance Chair, Larry Cohen, will also carefully monitor monthly financial reports and status.

With the loss of members who play three or more times a week and increasing operating costs, your support remains critical for IBC’s success. Please be aware of the upcoming classes for new or beginning players and encourage your family and friends to take them. New members are an essential component of the financial plan for sustaining our current, positive situation.

Personally, I continue to be grateful for the interest and concern that so many of you express and demonstrate. Visitors from other bridge clubs regularly comment about how different we seem and want to know the “secret” of our success, I always tell them that it is three things: 1) an exceptional, hard-working staff; 2) an exemplary education program with outstanding teachers; and, 3) YOU – our caring and supportive members.  THANK YOU for all you give and do!

Andie Marshall, IBC Board President

Board Meeting Update

Dear IBC members and players:

We have had some changes in the board of directors. Welcome to our newest board member, Nick Curott, whom we appointed to fill the vacancy caused by Matt Cory’s acceptance of the employed position as Assistant Club Manager. We also received Eric Linton;s resignation and elected Nick to the office of  Treasurer. He is an economics professor at Ball State so we are confident he is qualified for this important responsibility. Eric will be working with Nick for a smooth transition. Big thanks to Eric for his hard work as treasurer. We also regretfully accepted Pam Rhine’s resignation. She has been an invaluable and creative leader/thinker for many years. 

Congratulations to our Players of the Month for April. They are David Quick, Novice of the Month, and Darrow Neves Player of the Month. Our paid member number is now 413 (13 over the goal). Face to Face table count was 484 – more than 300 players over the monthly goal. All of those special parties really help…and the snowbirds are home.

ACBL has approved adding more Club Championship games in June. North American Pairs qualifying games will be at IBC in June, July and August. If you ever have questions about the criteria and/or purpose of “special games”, please ask John Nichols or one of our game directors.

Speaking of our game directors, I have two requests on their behalf. None of them has asked me to do this but I have learned so much about their “job” during my tenure as board president. Three things I have learned are: 1) it’s more complicated than I realized; 2) I could not qualify to be one; and 3) I definitely would not want to do it. I am asking you to help show respect and appreciation for their work. When we call the director to our table, let’s practice the old school courtesy of saying, “please and thank you.” Finally, directors have to cleanup after us if we do not throw away our own trash (in the recycle bins), push in our chairs, etc. Please help! 

May is a month for remembering those who are no longer with us and there will be various ways to do that at IBC. Check the May calendar (click here) for special games or activities.

The Longest Day Fundraiser is underway. The website, newsletter, emails, and on-site announcements will provide information about all of the “happenings.

You can, starting now, bring $20+ bottles of wine for the wine pull (give to Bruce Stroud, Suzi Pratt, or put in the designated container.

I have asked Joyce to include my list of the items in our Longest Day Silent Auction #1 that begins May 18 and ends May 31. See list below. If you have any questions about that auction, please contact me at

Saturday night’s game is also Beer and Brats with novice players preparing the food.  No pitch-ins needed. All the proceeds from the free will offering for the meal will  go to Alzheimer’s. There is a signup sheet on bulletin board in the back hallway.  

We are financially stable, mindful of our mission, and trying to serve our members and greater community well. Your support and participation are valuable assets to our endeavors. As always, thank you!

Andie Marshall, IBC Board President

Silent Auction #1 Items
Items will be displayed in the back hallway and bidding will be from Saturday, May 18, through Friday, May 31. Bid sheets will be posted on the bulletin boards in the hallway.                                          

Starting bids will be approximately 30% of the given value. The following items have been donated for Silent Auction #1:

Gift Cards/Certificates:

  • $  25 Starbucks
  • $  25 Speedway Gas
  • $  40 Original Pancake House* pending
  • $  50 Illinois Street Emporium*pending
  • $  50 Good Morning Mama’s Cafe* pending
  • $  50 Total Wine
  • $  50 Doc B’s
  • $ 100 Mama Carolla’s

Two Tickets for:

  • Indiana Fever game on Friday, August 16. These are courtside seats, Section CRT-F, Row 3, seats 3 and 4. Parking in Gainbridge Fieldhouse Garage and access to Care Source Club included.
    Value: $440 / Starting Bid: $150  
  • Indiana Pacers – game date to be determined after NBA schedule is released for 24-25.  Lower Level, Section 5,  Row 6, Seats 13 and 14. Parking in Gainbridge Fieldhouse Garage and access to Club 67 included. Value: $600 / Starting Bid: $200
  • Indianapolis Colts – game date to be determined after NFL releases schedule.  Club seats, Section 440, Row 2, Seats 9 and 10. Access to Huntington Club included.
    Value: $575  / Starting Bid:  $190

One Golf Lesson
One hour with Douglas Hill, PGA, at Old Oakland Golf Club. Offer expires 12/01/2024.
Starting Bid of $200 already pledged.

Lunch and Bridge
Hosted by Judy Sosin and Ellen Simon at one of their homes. It sells out every year. There will be a sign-up sheet. When it is full, the bidding is closed.

Get Aways: Photos and fuller descriptions will be posted on the website

  • 0ne-bedroom villa for week of April 20-27, 2025, at the award winning Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort in Gatlinburg, TN.  Sleeps 4; a 20 minute drive to the Convention Center, for Gatlinburg Regional Bridge Tournament, April 21-27, 2025. 
    Value: $1,400 / Starting Bid:  $500
  • Two bedroom, two bath villa at Christmas Mountain Village in the Wisconsin Dells. Must be used Labor Day weekend, August 31 to September 2. Sleeps 6 – 1 king, 1 queen, sofa bed for two (best for children). Parking on site, for one vehicle per villa with auxiliary parking, fireplace, laundry in unit. Indoor and outdoor pools, hot tub.
    Value: $1,250 / Starting Bid:  $400
  • “Staycation” at the Carmichael Hotel in Carmel, Indiana. When you cannot get away for multiple days, enjoy the classic amenities of this 4 Star Autograph Collection Hotel. Be sure to join the 4:00 daily toast to Hoagy Carmichael in the lobby bar. Expires: 12/31/2024
    Value:  $1,000 /  Starting Bid:  $325

Something Almost Everyone Can Use
Sparkling Image Car Wash Booklets with five coupons. The donor generously gave four books and they will be sold individually (so four items). 
Value:  $145 per book / Starting Bid:  $40

Tea Time Basket
Filled with contents for a perfect tea: Le Creuset classic stoneware tea pot, two large Pfaltzgraf mugs, teacup infuser, strainer and lid, assorted teas and honey.                               Value: $100 / Starting Bid:  $30 

Works of Art

  • Framed 1927 Illinois, Ohio and Indiana Avenue, 17 x 20, painted by IBC member, Brock Elliott Cagann. It is signed and numbered and will be on display at IBC.
    Value:  $500 / Starting Bid:  $150
  • Framed Indy Car, 10 x 20, by Brock Elliott Cagann. It is signed and numbered and will be on display at IBC.
    Value:  $350 / Starting Bid:  $100
  • Handmade Holiday Quilt by IBC member, Susan Neves.  Will be on display at IBC, Estimated value includes design, labor, materials, and lots of patience.
    Value:  $400 / Starting Bid:  $125
  • Handmade child’s reversible quilt based on the book, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.”
    Value:  $200 / Starting Bid:   $50
  • Award winning pitcher signed by its creator, glass blower, Janusz Pozniak. The artist and his exquisite mace pitcher were the runner up on the Netflix program, “Blown Away,”
    The pitcher is listed on his website for $595 / Starting Bid: $200

We are requesting that you do not touch or handle the pieces of art. Thank you.

Board Meeting Update

Dear IBC members and players,

April began with some excitement with special parties, a thank you celebration for Charlene Lutz and the amazing once in a lifetime total eclipse of the sun. As always, IBC staff and volunteers devoted exceptional time and talents to make them memorable, Thanks to Diane Roberts and her committee for preparing a delicious free lunch with free will donations being given to our 2024 Longest Day fundraiser, Thank you to those who donated and to Mary King for chairing this year’s fundraiser. 

There will be a celebration of life on Wednesday, April 24, at the 11:00 game to honor the memory of a devoted and courageous member, Gail Holman. Chicken will be provided and members are asked to contribute side dishes and desserts. It is a Charity Game for the Kidney Foundation and additional donations may be made in Gail’s memory. There will be a sign-up sheet for the game posted on the bulletin board in the back hall.                                                                                                                                             

Player of the Month for February was Pam Strack and for March, Tom Frank. Novice of the Month for February was Ken Abbott and JoAnn Harlan for March. Congratulations to all! Parties are being planned. Joe Shierling, chair of the IBC Board’s Social Committee, welcomes volunteers for this group. Please let him know if you would be willing to help.

Thanks to all of you who have paid the annual membership dues and who play regularly in IBC F2F games. We continue to meet and exceed our financial goals because of you!

Copies of the calendar and newsletter are available on IBC’s website and hard copies at IBC. In order to have a complete and updated monthly calendar, activities and information need to be submitted by the 9th of the preceding month to John Nichols’ email,  Deadline for the newsletter is the 15th of the preceding month and should be emailed to Joyce Pepple at

The Wednesday Five Buck Up Open Game has been dropped but the Tuesday and Thursday Five Buck Up games continue. ACBL’s “Pop Up” games will be on April 14, 19 and 20 and can earn 50% red points. April 22-28 (except the 24th) is Stardust Week and will earn 25% gold points. These are good opportunities to earn “colors” usually available only at tournaments. Don’t forget to tell your friends who play social bridge about the Rubber Bridge game at 1:00 on the second Wednesday of the month.

On a personal note, I truly appreciate hearing your ideas and suggestions for how we might make IBC even better. Your continuing interest and support are the keys to attaining our mission and vision. Volunteering to serve on one of our committees is another great way to provide input.

Hope you will take time to enjoy the beauty of Spring and making friends at IBC.

Andie Marsh                                                                                                                                                                   IBC Board President

Board Meeting Update

Dear IBC members and players:                                                                           

March is going to be a fun month at IBC!    

  • 13th Player of the Month Party for Brett Roby at 11:00 Open Game
  • 19th Novice of the Month Party for Kate and Greg Kalisz at 6:30 0-200 Game
  • 21st Women’s Contract Game at 11:30
  • 25th – 30th Sectional Tournament At Club (STAC) Week – chance to earn silver, red, gold points
  • 27th Emerald Day in honor of IBC’s Emerald Life Masters (7,500+ points
  • Reminder: IBC will be closed on Sunday, March 31

I know you are always interested in our financial status. Despite being closed for a week, January ended as another in the black month – yea! Income was budgeted for $22,600 and the actual was $22,645. Expense was budgeted for $21,858 and the actual was only $16,187. Our paid annual dues members now total 393 just seven away from our goal of 400. Thank you so much for helping us reach these goals! (The 2023 end of the year financials have been posted on the bulletin boards in the front room and back hallway.)

Reminder: ACBL National Tournament is March 14-24 in Louisville (within driving distance) at the Galt House Hotel. Our Club Manager, Sharon Austin, is being honored by the Central Indiana Bridge Association (CIBA)with a special game on March 20th. It’s for a higher level of player than many of us but it would be thoughtful to send her a card or note of congratulations for this recognition of all she has contributed to the game she loves.

IBC’s Mission is to “promote the learning and playing of bridge for players of all ages and all playing levels in an inviting environment” and our Vision includes “…will be a welcoming community.” With the election year upon us, please remember that IBC has a “No Politics Policy.” This includes IBC members not using email addresses obtained from the IBC website to send political and non-IBC business messages. We appreciate your observance of the policy.

I have said it multiple times but cannot say it enough: IBC continues to operate because of your generosity and loyalty. During the COVID catastrophe, we had to ask you to open your wallets and you did. Many continue to make unsolicited donations and we appreciate it! What we want now is your time as volunteers for our board committees. For several years, board members have chaired and comprised the majority of the committees’ members. Serving on a committee can enhance your bridge friendships and help you learn more about IBC. We are going to be more active in soliciting your participation so watch for opportunities to share your time and talents with us.

In the meantime, our 2024 Board Committees and the chairs are: Finance – Larry Cohen; Membership – Pam Rhine; Social – Joe Shierling: Marketing and Communication – Katherine Miller and Joyce Pepple; and Facilities – Jeff Running. If you have questions about a committee, please ask the chair.

Signs of spring are popping up everywhere. March Madness is on its way. Snowbirds are returning. With better weather, we hope to see you more often and bring a friend.

Andie Marshall, IBC Board President  

Board Meeting Update

Dear IBC members and players:

My apologies for the belated update but health issues and a vacation changed my usual routine.

Financial status of IBC

  1. We finished 2023 in the “black” achieving all the goals of our business plan. I will post the end of the year profit and loss statement on the bulletin board in the back hallway at IBC.
  2. Our goal of 400 paid members annually is a little short currently but we expect to meet it when snowbirds return and the beginners classes start. With the constant support of most of our members, we are still operating because we made the very hard decisions to charge annual membership dues and increase game fees. Hindsight is always better and IBC could not have known the future would change so drastically. Please pay your dues if you have not.
  3. Our monthly F2F player goal remains 1600. We expect the winter months to be less due to weather and snowbirds.   January did fall short but being closed for a week for the regional was a big part of that. WE NEED YOU so please keep coming to IBC to play. The weather is cooperating, so driving is not hazardous – except the darn potholes.
  4. There are 67 students enrolled in classes and a series of new classes starts in April.

Congratulations and Thank Yous

  • Brett Roby is January’s Player of the Month (POM) and Greg and Kate Kalisz are the Novice of the Month (NOM) players.
  • Thank you to staff, volunteers, and players for making the Sweetheart Party a great success!
  • Thank you to Diane Roberts, Matt Cory, and Doug Day for volunteering to make those important, time-consuming calls for our partnership program. We are trying to enhance the service by offering a partnership desk online.
  • Special thanks to Susan Neves for creating a video to demonstrate how to register for it. To view it, go to our website home page. The link to the video is under the list of partnership chairs. Click on the link and watch and learn. We have devoted lots of hours and effort to updating the website and providing relevant information for you. If you have not done it already, please visit the website.
  • Thank you so much to Mary King for agreeing to chair the 2024 Longest Day fundraiser!

Mark Your Calendars

  • IBC will be closed on Sunday, March 31.
  • Emerald Life Master Party is on Wednesday, March 27, honoring IBC’s Emerald level players.
  • Staff is making plans for an extended time for game and food on the day of the Solar Eclipse – watch for more information. Get your glasses ready!

IBC Board and Committees
The board and staff had a retreat in January and identified four priority strategic areas: high quality programs, games and classes to satisfy player needs; financial strength and viability; high performing board and staff; and improved communication with members and general public. Success requires expanding and energizing our committees and will require asking you for more help, not money- but your time and talents. Be ready: we know where you live. HA!                                                                                                                                         Take care and, as always, thank you for all you do for IBC!

Andie Marshall, IBC Board President

Board Meeting Update

January 9, 2024 from Andie Marshall, IBC Board Preident

Happy New Year!  As always we have good things to celebrate; congratulations to: Player of the Month, Mike Hellmer, and Novice of the Month, Bob Young. For those who do not know, a player is awarded this honor only once a year. Points must be earned in games played at IBC and the Novice Player is someone with less than 100 points. We also just learned that CIBA is honoring Sharon Austin with a special game in her name at the ACBL Nationals in Louisville on March 20. If you have never attended a national tournament, this is a doubly great opportunity – within driving distance – to earn all kinds of colors and points and to show appreciation for all Sharon has given to bridge and IBC! Make plans now to get a group to go and have a great time. (There are multiple games at all levels of play.)

Speaking of tournaments: The CIBA Regional is quickly approaching. Check our website for all details or get a flyer at IBC. The tournament begins Monday, January 15, and ends on Sunday, January 21. As you know, CIBA has been an amazing partner and financial help as we worked to keep IBC operating the past few years so I hope many of you are planning to play…and often. IBC will be closed that week which gives us an opportunity to clean the carpeting and do a general “sprucing.” If you can take down tables and chairs, on Monday, at 10am, please let Sharon know you will be there.


Board Business                                                                                                     Officers of the IBC Board for 2024: President-Andie Marshall; Vice President-Larry Cohen; Secretary-Beth Morton; and Treasurer-Eric Linton. Susan May has agreed to act as Assistant Secretary with the expectation that she will take the office of Secretary in 2025. There is a board/staff retreat this month to do strategic thinking/planning for IBC’s future. We are determined to sustain IBC’s capacity to continue serving the bridge community. Your support will make 2024 as strong as 2023. Our plan for financial stability is based primarily on three factors:
1) 400 annual dues paying members;
2) a monthly average of 1600 F2F players; and
3) adding 40 new, dues paying members annually to help compensate for members who move away, have health or family restrictions, or loss of lives.


We are gratified by members who have moved, can no longer come to IBC and/or live in other Indiana communities and still pay membership dues. 320 players have paid 2024 annual dues and you can help reach 400 by paying, if you have not. Twenty-five players are registered for the learning to play classes and Sharon expects more. Free classes in August and the monthly Rubber Bridge games on the second Wednesday at 1:00 provide ways to reach new members. Please encourage people you know to participate in one or more.


We continue to work with staff to develop a written procedures manual and on ways to increase use of the website and online partnership desk.


Club Manager’s Report


431 F2F tables in December and 18 players on BBO (Tuesday night game)
Upcoming party reminder: Penny Millar POM on January 24 11:00 Open Game.
Watch for news about a very special Sweethearts Party in February


February Calendar –ACBL Education Fund Month
There are several Education Fund games scheduled. The extra game fee is given to ACBL to support its Education Fund and some of what we give is returned to IBC for our education program. Joyce Pepple will send calendar updates in the Communication Committee’s weekly emails. Thanks, Joyce, and thanks to all of you for your ongoing commitment to IBC’s vision and mission! 

Board Meeting Update

The board met on Monday and began with BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO JOYCE PEPPLE FOR BEING NAMED THE FRAN PETTIJOHN AWARD WINNER! That high honor could not have a more deserving recipient.

Bittersweet announcements followed from Assistant Club Manager, Charlene Lutz. She reminded us of her retirement, effective December 31, and the necessary administrative changes. Charlene is also our super volunteer and shopper for the annual Toys for Tots Drive and gratefully announced that donations were above and beyond expectations. She asked us to help thank everyone who gave toys, time, and/or money to make it a success for so many children and their families. Your ongoing support and generosity made 2023 a very good year for IBC!

We have exceeded our financial goals, continued to add new members, expanded our community outreach, developed a succession plan for the club manager, and, hopefully, improved communication with you.  

Club Manager’s Report 

  • 417 F2F tables in November (1,668 players) and 24 on BBO (Tuesday night game)
  • Congratulations to Player of the Month, Penelope Millar, and Novice of the Month, Greg Borcherding. Their party dates will be announced later.
  • Carpet will be cleaned during the week of the Indianapolis Regional while IBC is closed. Volunteers will be needed one morning to help prepare the rooms for cleaning.
  • Explained significant price increase in books for classes.
  • Asked for board approval to move funds from the checking account to CDs to earn a higher interest rate. A motion to make the changes was seconded and unanimously approved. 
  • Party reminders: Holiday Party is Saturday, December 23, with pitch-in at noon and game at 1:00; New Year’s Eve party is a fundraiser for the Indiana Bridge Foundation.

January Calendar Updates

  • Tuesdays – $5 Buck Up for Open Games 
  • 1st – open New Year’s Day
  • 4th and 25th – Women’s Contract Club at 11:30  
  • 10th – Rubber Bridge game at 1:00
  • 11th – Club Championship
  • 12th – Thank you/Retirement party for Charlene Lutz
  • 15th – 21st – Indianapolis Regional (IBC closed)
  • 24th and 27th – Club Championship Games

Committee Reports
Education (Matt Cory) January class scheduled is set; will be emailed/posted at IBC and on the website.
Membership (Pam Rhine) Rubber Bridge game is building a repeat group with some players attending Saturday Practice Play and expressing interest in other classes. Rubber Bridge Games will be monthly on the second Wednesday. John Nichols’ directing these games is invaluable. 
Communications and Marketing (Katherine MillerPartnership Desk subcommittee continues to explore options for improving and increasing its use by members/players.
Finance (Larry Cohen, Budget subcommittee chair) 2024 proposed budget was reviewed and approved. Copies will be posted on IBC Bulletin boards.

The IBC Board and Staff wish you happy holidays and a healthy and happy new year!
Andie Marshall, IBC Board President

Board Meeting Update

Dear Members:

In addition to my monthly update, I am asking Joyce to send you my report on the annual meeting. (see below)

Check the calendar on the website for all special events/ games. There will be several upgraded Club Championship games in November. Other games of note:

  • November 8 – Free Rubber Bridge Party
  • November 10 – Larry Cohen ROM Party 
  • November 13 – Fran Pettijohn Day
  • November 17-19 – Indy Sectional at IBC
  • November 23 – Closed for Thanksgiving
  • Tuesdays – $5 Buck Up Games

The board elected its officers for 2024:

  • President – Andie Marshall
  • Vice President – Larry Cohen
  • Secretary – Beth Morton
  • Treasurer – Eric Linton.

The board also approved “official” adoption of ACBL’s “Zero Tolerance Policy.” Larry Cohen presented the proposed 2024 budget for review and to be voted upon at the December 4 board meeting. You will get a copy with more explanation once it is adopted. Hard copy drafts of Whistleblower and IBC Sanctioned Games policies were given to the directors for their consideration and review before asking them to vote on them in December. 

Rookie of the Month is Chris Egan and Bev Brown is the Player of the Month. Congratulations! There were 469,5 F2F tables (1800+ players) and 12.5 online Carpet is scheduled for cleaning in January.  Sharon is excited about lots of special activities coming your way. Two charity drives are starting now through the first week of December: Toys for Tots and the Women’s Contract Club’s Help the Homeless Drive, (Read my annual meeting report, check the website, watch for notices at IBC for more details about both.) The Holiday Party is Saturday, December 23, with IBC providing the entrée and members asked to pitch-in sides and desserts, The New Year’s Eve Party will again be a fundraiser for the Indiana Bridge Foundation. More special parties are being planned and she will provide details when they are finalized.

Education – Chair Matt Cory said there will be seven new classes offered in January.
Membership – Chair Pam Rhine reminded us that the next Free Rubber Bridge class is this Wednesday.
Communications and Marketing – Doug Day, a partnership desk coordinator, updated the board on his work compiling a player directory to try to improve the partnership process on the website.

One of the hardest challenges for me this past year has been remaining upbeat when so many dear friends have died. Fritz Hadley was respected and loved by many at IBC. He was an accomplished player, a dedicated supporter of the center, a mentor/teacher to several, and, an interesting/intelligent man. Some friends asked if we could create a memorial fund and we have. It will last until there are no funds contributed. Donations will be used to: support the mentor program and for free plays to novice players. If you wish to contribute, make a note on your check to IBC designating “Fritz Fund.”

REMINDER: We have a diverse lending library in the back room, Please check it out and take books.

As always, thanks for all you do and give. You make it an honor to serve on the board!


Indianapolis Bridge Center, Inc. (IBC) Annual Meeting
November 04, 2023 

The meeting was called to order at 12:30pm by IBC Board President, Andie Marshall. Attendees were reminded that they could not play for free in the game following the meeting if they were not paid members of IBC.

President Marshall asked if there were any additional nominations for IBC Board of Directors for 2024-2026. Joe Shierling moved that the voting be closed and Howard Anderson seconded it. The motion passed. Club Manager, Sharon Austin, and Assistant Club Manager, Charlene Lutz, took the ballots to another room to count.

Recognition was given to those who made 2023 a positive year: dues paying members (45 over goal); F2F players (exceeding goal); those who took classes; mentees and mentors; donors to Longest Day Fundraiser (a record breaker); supporters of special events; teachers, game directors, and IBC staff.  Marshall thanked the IBC board for its dedicated hard work and said they will miss Howard Anderson whose board term ends in December., 

Marshall acknowledged individuals who volunteered leadership in three critical areas and two groups who contributed significantly to IBC’s success. Jim Rowen and Pam Rhine (with staff and other volunteers) produced the Financial and Succession Plans. Darryl Neves and Susan Neves conducted a much-needed technology audit, resulting in some changes and improvements. Joyce Pepple was applauded for her major contributions to achieving the board’s goal to improve communication with/to IBC members via its website and email systems. The Indiana Bridge Foundation (IBF) has been the primary support for our free learn to play bridge classes by helping to pay for teachers, supplies, and volunteer recognition! Having the capacity to host the Central Indiana Bridge Association (CIBA) Sectionals earned much-needed revenue and introduced non-members to the facility. CIBA also graciously donated its leftover snacks to IBC! 

Two major goals were accomplished in 2023: 1) enough financial stability to give overdue and greatly earned raises to the Management Team in 2024; and, 2) a Succession Plan for the Club Manager position. Marshall explained executive succession plans are standard, good business practice and the board hopes Sharon will remain as long as she wants. The Succession Plan is effective January 01, 2024, to include: Club Manager for 25 hours a week; Assistant Club Manager to be hired by January 1 at 10-15 hours weekly; and, a part-time Bridge Operations Director. The Club Manager will develop succession plans for the two positions. Written Operations Manuals will also be completed as part of the plan. Charlene Lutz has resigned as Assistant Manager as of December 31, 2023.

November and December offer three opportunities for giving: Toys for Tots, Women’s Contract Club’s Help the Homeless Drive, and a new Fritz Fund. There will be designated boxes at IBC for unwrapped toys and hats. gloves/mittens, scarves, socks, and underwear for adults and children. Charlene Lutz will also accept cash and shop for toys. Friends of Fritz Hadley requested a memorial fund to be used to support the mentor program and free plays for novice players. Checks should note “FRITZ FUND” for the donation. (Sorry, not tax deductible.)

Lutz announced that Matt Cory, Susan May, and Beth Morton had been elected to the board.

John Nichols moved to adjourn; it was seconded and passed at 12:55 pm.
Andie Marshall, IBC Board President

Board Meeting Update

The September 30th party honoring Liz Brown and Maribeth Ransel for years of exemplary, dedicated service to CIBA, District 11 and IBC was a huge and well-deserved success! Congratulations also to our Player of the Month, Steve Davis, and our Rookie of the Month, Larry Cohen.

A reminder that new players who join before the end of 2023 receive a “bonus” as their memberships will extend through December 31, 2024. F2F player count continues to exceed our monthly goal.  We also continue to operate “in the black.” Thanks to our Management Team for consistently monitoring expenses and ways to be even more cost-effective.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW – SATURDAY, November 4, is the Annual Membership Meeting and election of directors for the IBC Board. Absentee ballots have been emailed and ballots for early voting will be available onsite by October 15. More information about the meeting and the candidates is in a separate email.

IMPORTANT: There are no regular IBC Games this week on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday because IBC is the site for the Non-Life Master Regional.  0-750 games (2 sessions) are each day at 10:00 and 2:30; 0-49 games are Friday and Sunday at 2:30; and, there is a Free 0-20 game Saturday at 2:30. Click here for the flyer.

MORE Reminders for the month: Women’s Contract Club – October 5, 19, and 26 and Club Appreciation Weeks – October 9-15 and October 23-29 Click here for the October Calendar

$5 Buck Up Games – October 10, 12, 17, 24, and 31
Peter Lach’s ROM Party at 6:30 for 0-200 players – October 17
Mixed Pairs – October 21 (social hour at 5:30 and game at 6:30)
Swiss Team – Thursday, October 26, at 6:30 (one session with 5% gold points)

EDUCATION COMMITTEE – New classes begin in January and Danny Hibner will again offer a class for people who have not played cards. The closing MENTOR PARTY is Saturday, November 11. Watch Joyce Pepple’s Sunday night email, the newsletter, and website for class updates and details so you can promote our education program.

COMMUNICATIONS AND MARKETING COMMITTEE – Jeff Running is chairing a special project group to try to improve use of our website’s online partnership desk. He will be working with Doug Day, Diane Roberts, and Matt Cory (partnership coordinators) and other volunteers.

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE – The next FREE Social Bridge Tournament is Wednesday, November 1.

KUDOs TO YOU – The caring and generosity of our members never ceases to amaze me and beginning November 1, IBC is giving you two opportunities to demonstrate your charitable nature. Boxes will be available for donations to TOYS FOR TOTS and to support the Women’s Contract Club’s annual Help the Homeless Drive. Socks, hats, gloves and/or mittens are requested for the homeless drive.

As always, thanks for your support!

Andie Marshall, IBC Board President