Central Indiana Bridge Association

Volunteers Needed to Help at the Regional

Sunday, January 14 – Set-up help in the afternoon for a couple of hours
  • cleaning the playing tables
  • placing bidding boxes
Monday thru Saturday, January 15-20
  • helping at the welcome table 30 minutes prior to each game
  • helping with Hospitality Room each night after the evening game
  • caddies for team games on Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday
  • taking photos of new Life Masters and new levels
  • standbys who will play with requests from the partnership chairs
To Volunteer, contact:
Marsha Callahan, marsha12118@comcast.com
Charlene Lutz, rlutz30468@hotmail.com


Tournament Flyers

Click here for the Indianapolis Regional, January 15-21, 2024, Flyer