IBC Annual Membership Meeting

November 26 at 12:30

If you are in your seats by 12:00 p.m., your game fee will be $5. 

The IBC Staff and Board have worked hard this past year to keep the club’s doors open. They hope all members attend the annual meeting and hear the Board President’s state of the club report.

Letter from Andie Marshall, IBC Board President

July 11, 2022

Dear IBC Members:

As promised, I am trying to keep you informed about what’s happening at IBC and have lots of news and updates for you!

First and foremost, we have good news regarding our negotiations for reducing our lease expense. Cudos to Sharon Austin and our broker for doing what had started to feel like an impossible dream.  The IBC Board of Directors voted unanimously today to accept the following offer from our landlords:

  1. A $1200 decrease in monthly rent for 12 months beginning August 2022 ($6000 reduced expense for 2022 and $8400 reduction for 2023);
  2. Deferral of Covid related receivable through rest of 2022 ($2,875.26 expense reduction for this year); and,
  3. Remaining Covid related receivable ($4,32.85) to be payable over the 12 months of 2023 which means $359.40 a month instead of the current monthly payment of $479.21.

Second, the exceptional generosity of our members was demonstrated again for The Longest Day. There are still outstanding pledges but the preliminary total of $33,571.00 is amazing. Thank YOU!!

Third, congratulations to Patty Cole, Player of the Month, and Melissa Conrad, Rookie of the Month. Belated congrats to the co-winners of the Pettijohn Award: Perry Cross and Gary Thomas.

NOW- HERE IS OUR BIG CHALLENGE: we must have at least 1600 F2F players each month to meet our annual fixed expenses to maintain operations and stay open for 2023 and beyond.  We are seeing some progress but not enough.  We are again asking for you to give of your time and play once a week F2F or two to three times a week in the IBC online games.  PLEASE!

Visit our website, indianapolisbridge.com, for news about the Mentoring Program starting August 4, to check the updated calendar (Sunday night 6:00 games are returning to F2F for 0-200 and 0-1500). There are lots of Club Championships and STAC games in July.  We are trying to meet the many needs/wants of our diverse membership.

Thank you for whatever you can do to help us bring more players back to IBC.

Andie Marshall, President


IBC Board of Directors

Andie Marshall

Pam Rhine

Beth Morton

Eric Linton

  • Howard Anderson
  • Larry Cohen
  • Matt Cory, Education Chair
  • Katherine Miller, Marketing Chair
  • Joyce Pepple
  • Jeff Running
  • Joe Shierling

The IBC Board of Directors meets the 1st Monday of every Monday after the Open game, around 2:30 p.m.