Board Meeting Update

November 30, 2022

Dear IBC Members:

Time for another ­­­update following our annual meeting on November 26.

Given the holiday weekend, we were pleased with attendance of over 50 for lunch and the meeting and the 48 who stayed to play.  The first order of business was to ask for nominations from the floor and there were none so voting was closed. Sharon Austin, club manager, and Pam Rhine, board vice president, counted the ballots.  Howard Anderson and I were elected for terms of one year and Larry Cohen, Joe Hibner, and Jeff Running were elected to serve three-year terms. Officers for 2023 will be elected at the December 5 board meeting and the directors begin their service January 1, 2023. Thank you to “retiring” directors- Brenda Lashbrook, Diane Sanderson, and David Stippler!

My “State of IBC” remarks cited the achievement of our main goals for 2022:

  1. Staying open and operating “in the black” (over $50,000 raised in our special fund drive);
  2. Increasing communication with members through an updated website , expanded email list, and regular updates via email and letters from the board and management;
  3. Securing a reduction in our lease for 12 months;
  4. Expanding participation of novice/beginning players; and,
  5. Monitoring actual income and expenses for a feasible financial plan for the future that did not require ongoing pleas for donations from you.

There were some unexpected successes, thanks to the exceptional hard work and creativity of our management team, the board of directors, and numerous members who volunteered their time, talents, and treasures.  I mentioned the following:

  1. Raising over $34,000 for Alzheimer’s Association ranking us 4th highest in the ACBL;
  2. Enjoying the delicious and profitable pasta dinner and game;
  3. Having the CIBA Sectionals at IBC, saving them money and earning income for IBC;
  4. Introducing “Dear Bridgette” to our website and newsletter readers;
  5. Getting a grant from the Indiana Bridge Foundation to underwrite the education classes; and then,
  6. Attaining overwhelming participation in our two free classes!

Of course, the main question on members’ minds was/is, “How are we doing financially?”  I briefly reiterated the 5-year plan developed by the committee, co-chaired by Pam Rhine and Jim Rowen, and acknowledged that, while it has not been positively received by everyone, we are proceeding with the plan as outlined in our previous letter to you.  The first step in that plan is the new annual dues and we are encouraged by the early response.  REMINDER: please send your $50 dues before January 1, 2023, even if you are a “snowbird” or cannot play at IBC currently.

In a nutshell, IBC is doing better than anticipated and much better than many bridge clubs/centers across the country.  Our club manager and her team—Charlene, John, teachers, and game directors—a hands-on, working board, and committed volunteers and donors have made it possible. At this special time of year, I am thankful to be a part of it all.  With your continued personal and financial support, 2023 will definitely be a happy new year!


Andie Marshall
2022 IBC Board President