Board Meeting Update

July 10, 2023

From IBC Board President, Andie Marshall:

The IBC Board met later than usual due to July 4th holiday so my update is a little late too.

Congratulations to our treasurer, Eric Linton, who was married last week.  

Best BIG news is that the total (so far) for The Longest Day is $42,588 –twice what we raised last year.  Thank you to everyone who contributed and participated!!!  More good news: we now have 435 paid members, 35 over our annual goal. We continue to operate “in the black.” F2F player count for June was 1940 – wow! Congratulations to June’s Rookie of the Month, Bob Wilson, and Player of the Month, Jeff David! IBC keeps adding to its list of GOLD LMs; watch for upcoming parties.

Education and Communication: Three free classes for people who know nothing or very little about playing cards will be taught by Danny Woods.  Sharon & Gary Thomas will renew the popular Sunday afternoon class in August. Watch Joyce Pepple’s Sunday night email, the newsletter, and website for details so you can promote our education program.

First Rubber Bridge Tournament – July 11: Heads up that IBC will be more crowded than usual Wednesday afternoon as we host our first Rubber Bridge Tournament, starting at 1:00. Sixty players will be coming to IBC – most for the fist time. We had to stop taking reservations. The limited space in the front room necessitates keeping it to 15 tables. This is the creative idea of Pam Rhine and the board’s Membership Committee and could not be done without the help of John Nichols who will be directing it. The purpose is to introduce IBC to a greater community as the center for people who like to play bridge but not exclusively duplicate bridge. Of course, we will tell participants about our education program and classes, if they would like to learn more. The next one is scheduled for August 9. This could be the gateway for many new players and expanded revenue.

Need your participation in 2024: The IBC Board of Directors needs/wants you. It’s time to begin looking ahead to 2024.  You can help in two ways: 1) volunteer to be on the Nominating Committee to recruit board candidates- contact me; or, 2) let us know if you are interested/ willing to serve a three-year term on the board.

During the past year and a half, I have repeatedly been overwhelmed by the dedication and generosity of our members. My fingers are crossed that you will do it again and volunteer to serve as a director on our “working board.” Expectations of IBC board members are listed on the website.(Click here.) I will post a copy on the main bulletin board and will be glad to answer any questions.

TECH AUDIT REPORT: Thanks to the leadership of Darrow Neves and the support of Susan Neves, and, board and staff members, we have completed a tech audit. Darrow presented his final report to the IBC Board. Based upon his findings and recommendations, these things have been done:

  1. All computers are configured to automated security and patch updates (sound business practice)
  2. Increased core memory with new chips on three computers
  3. Repaired registries on three computers
  4. New printer for club manager’s machine
  5. Swapped card dealing and front room computers
  6. Software capture tool installed on main room computer
  7. User Manual documentation for running games and board dealing completed
  8. Acquired second card dealing machine.  

Tasks to be completed and recommendations for the future:

  1. Replace main room computer in 2025
  2. Create an ongoing tech advisory group for the Board to oversee annual tech audit, staff training, projected technology expenses for annual budget, update and maintenance of user manuals, etc
  3. Get scan files from Tech Manager and complete user manuals
  4. Document registry for website
  5. Create and maintain an updated library of manuals for all equipment, game documentation, and software inventory on all machines. Currently this last one would fall to the Tech Manager, John Nichols, but it is time- consuming and other options may be considered to get this completed this year and John has a very full plate.

I hope these updates are informative, and, as always, thank you for making IBC a welcoming and caring center.
Andie Marshall, IBC Board President