Board Meeting Update

From IBC Board President, Andie Marshall:      

F2F player count for May was 1680. Congratulations to May’s Rookie of the Month, Jeff Running, and Player of the Month, Susan Neves!

After hearing from several of its dedicated players, the game time for Friday’s 11:00 Open Game will not be changed to an earlier time.

Lots of ways for you to play and participate this month!

Of course, the Longest Day on June 21 is the main event. Remember the bake sale is the day before on June 20. So many delicious things to buy!!! Big Thanks to the men who made the new Men’s Bake-Off a tremendous success and a great week to jump start the charity drive.

Here are some ways you can support our major fundraiser for the Alzheimers’ Association:

  1. Please play in one of the games – 6am, 10 am, 2pm, 6pm.  All game fees are a donation to the charity.   Breakfast is provided by Linda Benedix and her committee and lunch and dinner by our co-sponsors. We know it’s a lot to ask but would love to have three or more tables at the breakfast game; hope to see you.
  2. Buy a $20 raffle ticket from board or staff members for the prize of 15 free games, $180 value.
  3. Donate any amount in memory or honor of someone (their names posted on bulletin board).
  4. Donate wine for the wine pull and/or buy a wine pull ticket for $15. (Already have a $100, $75, $50 bottle plus several in the $20-$40 range.
  5. Donate and/or bid on items for the Silent Auction.
  6. Make a financial donation. Remember you can do it online too at Your donations are tax deductible and all checks should be made payable to the Alzheimer’s Association, not IBC.

We have an outstanding history of support for this important charity. Let’s keep it going! Thanks in advance.

CELEBRATE GOLD LIFE MASTERS, Pam Strack and Max Aurora, at their party on June 30th.

Club Championship games the week of June 19.

ANNOUNCING: new game and a good deal – Five Buck Up Game on the first Wednesday of the month beginning July 5.  NLM players who play “up” in the 11:00 Open Game will pay only $5 for the game. LM players who play with a NLM in that game will also pay only $5. Staff and board hope this will increase our Wednesday player numbers and enhance camaraderie among the different player levels. Of course, it will provide more learning opportunities also…about the game and each other😊.

Our board committees are working hard. Communications and Marketing continues to communicate with a club in Scottsdale and our webmaster to try to make our online partnership desk more usable and effective. Its Technology Audit task group has completed its work and will report at the July 10 board meeting. Joyce Pepple continues to improve and expand email communication. Membership is working on multiple projects.  With John Nichols support, watch for information about a new “social bridge” game as we try to be more welcoming of all bridge players.

With your continuing support, we are reaching our player number and financial goals. Our challenge now is finding the best ways to honor and continue the traditions that have made IBC’s success possible while also being open to and willing to try new ways to attract those who do not know who we are, what we do, where we are, etc. Your ideas and input are always welcome.
Andie Marshall, IBC Board President