Board Meeting Update

Dear Members and Friends:

As you know, our monthly player goal is 1600 and the total for March was 1,758. The paid annual dues goal is 400 and we have now exceeded that number. Thank You!!

Total income for February was $23,768 and expenses were $14,879 for a favorable balance of $8,888.

Congratulations to our co-Rookies of the Month, Dave and Carolyn Quick, and Player of the Month, Aslam Siddiqui.

It’s not too late to put together a team for this Saturday’s Swiss Team Games. There will be a 0 -200 game and an Open Game both starting at 1:00 p.m. Be sure to register your team in advance.

We have been working on enhancing communication with our members and that involves providing information about club activities/policies and it also requires listening to and gathering input from you. The Membership and Communications/Marketing Committees undertook the development of a member survey which can be accessed on our website. Click here. The project has been ably led by Jeff Running with assistance from Joyce Pepple, Joe Hibner, and Sharon…big thanks to them for giving generously of their time. More than 140 of you have already completed the survey (so it must be fairly easy and not too time consuming). Please take time to give us your opinions. April 20 is the deadline.

Sharon’s Report included two important, new announcements.

  1. During Covid Sharon recommended and the boards have unanimously supported the policy that we would adopt and adhere to ACBL’s policy and practices regarding the requirement of vaccines, masks, sanitation of premises, etc. Sharon advised the board that ACBL is dropping its vaccination requirements for all games/tournaments except the May Nationals.  She recommended that IBC do the same, effective May 15. The board voted unanimously to do so. 
  2. Sharon’s creative mind is always thinking about ways to expand IBC’s outreach and involve new players. We are excited to announce that IBC is starting a game on Saturdays which will be a “College Competition.”  It will start with Purdue then IU the next month, then Butler, etc. When the participating schools have completed their separate games, they will come together for a head-to-head competition. Students, past or present, and fans may play.  Details have not been finalized so keep listening for more information.  Sounds fun and a great opportunity to bring more (and younger) players to the game we love.

We are still seeking volunteer photographers for our special parties and events. Photos on the website and IBC bulletin boards help to remind us of the fun and friendships that come from playing F2F.  Your photo won’t be posted without your giving permission. You can let me know if you would be willing and able to help.

Don’t forget to send your etiquette and protocol questions to Miss Bridgette! Thank you, as always, for your ongoing support.

Reminder: IBC will be closed, Sunday, April 9.
Andie Marshall, IBC Board President