Board Meeting Update

March 6, 2023

Dear Members and Friends:

Lively board meeting today because IBC has lots of activities happening and many positive ideas for the future.

Our monthly player goal is 1600. January’s total was 1830 and February’s total was 1632. Total income for January was $31,977 and expenses were $18,396 for a favorable balance of $13,580. Thank you!

Sharon’s Report included many things you should note. Player of the Month (POM) is Pam Strack and Rookie of the Month (ROM) is Kenneth Abbott. Please congratulate them.

New classes begin the week of April 10 with the Sunday beginner class starting April 16. Check the website for class topic listings and times.

Joe Shierling’s POM Party is Monday, March 13, and players are asked to bring food to share. The Emerald Life Master Party for Wagner Van Vlack is March 17 and all food is being provided.

Darrow Neves gave his preliminary Technology Audit Report and a draft of recommendations for board actions. We will share the final report with you.

Membership Committee met and is considering a wide variety of new ways to attract members and enhance IBC for current members. The Membership Committee suggested that we should develop more ways to get input from you.

I need your help with a history project.  Our historical written records could be better. We get so much information by, “ask so and so; he or she should know.” I am trying to put together a written record of some things (without having to read through decades of Minutes). I want to begin with a listing of former board presidents for IBC and the Northside Bridge Club because I think they will be an invaluable source of information. Have you been a board president and, if so, what year(s)? Do you know someone who was a board president but may have moved away or is no longer with us? Please let me know.

We are facing new challenges for keeping our player numbers positive: spring vacations, golf and other outdoor activities. Your continued F2F support is essential. Please keep playing and encouraging others to return.

Andie Marshall, IBC Board President