Board Meeting Update

February 7, 2023

Dear IBC Members and Friends:

IBC board met yesterday so this is my second monthly report to you. Remember a list of the board members, officers, and staff is posted on the main bulletin board at IBC and on our website (click here).

Board Committees and Chairs are:

  • Executive – Andie Marshall
  • Finance – Joe Shierling
  • Education – Matt Cory
  • Communications and Marketing – Katherine Miller
  • Membership – Pam Rhine
  • Facilities – Howard Anderson

If you have an interest, the Marketing and Communications Committee needs two or three photographers.

“How are we doing?” remains the most-asked question and we can cautiously respond, “better than expected.” The December 2022 Profit and Loss Statement presented by the Finance Committee shows a favorable end-of-the-year balance of $20,439.15. Two factors account for this: the $54.000 Covid Recovery donations and the $15,000+ from the newly instituted Annual Dues. Without those two resources, our doors would have closed. A statement copy will be posted on the main bulletin board.

Our financial plan – one more time. The board and staff agreed unanimously not to continue to depend upon donations. With fixed, annual expenses of $240,000, our plan is based on two measurable revenue sources:
1 – Annual Dues for $20,000
2 – Game fees at the raised rate of $12 for $220,000.

Good news: we are very near our goal for Annual Dues and with a novice class pending, we are confident the dues goal will be achieved. (If you haven’t paid yet, please do!) The identified goal for players (at $12) is an average of 1600 a month, 400 each week. I am glad to report that our number for January was 1656 and the first week of February was 414. YEA! To track progress, we will still post the thermometer chart at IBC, showing the weekly number and the total for the previous month. 

Sustaining loyal dues paying members and increasing the number of new members is the only way we can continue to operate. It is the Membership Committee’s top priority for 2023.
YOU are needed to:
1) keep coming and playing at IBC;
2) invite someone to play that you haven’t seen recently;
3) encourage others to come to IBC to learn how to play

Let’s work together to defy the odds and keep IBC and bridge growing! 

Sharon announced the Player Awards: Joe Shierling, Player of the Month, and Mary Pat Schmitt, Rookie of the Month – congrats to both.

New classes are under way with good enrollment numbers. Again, our education program and the quality of our teachers are essential to IBC’s goals for attracting and keeping members engaged. The board, with co-leadership from the Education and Membership Committees is going to add a “Teacher Appreciation Day” to our calendar (probably late spring or early summer). More details to come.

For several years we have recognized the need for an internal technology audit. Thanks to the volunteer leadership of Darrow Neves and staff assistance from John Nichols, we are getting it done! 

Reminder from the Facilities Committee: IBC provides a recycling container. Please use it!

As always, thank you for your ongoing support to make IBC the best bridge center anywhere.

Andie Marshall, IBC Board President