Board Meeting Update

June 29, 2024

Dear Indianapolis Bridge Center (IBC) Members:                                       

Due to vacations and other schedule conflicts, the IBC Board of Directors did not meet until June 17, 2024, and our next meeting will be Monday, August 5, at 2:45 p.m.

As you know, June has been an especially busy month at IBC due to our Longest Day fundraising activities to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association, ACBL’s national charity.  Our dollar goal is $50,000 and our overall goal is to help fulfill our 501 C4 status requirement to serve the social welfare of our community. Thanks to our staff and Longest Day chair, Mary King, and her dedicated, volunteer committee, we think we will attain our goals. We technically have until the end of July to raise funds so it’s not too late to donate. Make checks payable to the Alzheimer’s Association with a note that is from the IBC’s LD. There is one more activity planned – a silent auction of household and decorative items. Watch for more details about it.   BIG THANKS to everyone who has already participated and/or contributed !!!

Congratulations to May’s Novice of the Month, Mary Pat Schmidt. Her party will be Tuesday, August 13, 6:30 evening game.

Mitchell Pote was May’s Player of the Month and his party had been set for July 1 at the 11:00 Open Game. His untimely passing has obviously changed plans for that day. Mitchell was one of IBC’s most dedicated and loyal members. He was a generous “A” player always willing to help others and he was committed to continually learning more about the game he loved. At his family’s request, IBC will be the site for a memorial service starting at 10 a.m. on July 1. Lunch will also be provided. Please sign up or call to let us know how many of you plan to attend.

We are also deeply saddened by the recent loss of Jim Rowen, a previous IBC Board President. Jim was a constant resource and support for staff and board members. I will be forever grateful for his agreeing, when I asked, to lead two task forces, Business Plan and Succession Plan.

Some good news is that we continue to stay on target with our financial business plan. However, our Club Manager advises us that the cost of everything is increasing. We may also have a significant capital expense to replace the chairs in the “big” room. As always, she will work to find us the best possible quality at the most reasonable price. Board Treasurer, Nick Curott, and Finance Chair, Larry Cohen, will also carefully monitor monthly financial reports and status.

With the loss of members who play three or more times a week and increasing operating costs, your support remains critical for IBC’s success. Please be aware of the upcoming classes for new or beginning players and encourage your family and friends to take them. New members are an essential component of the financial plan for sustaining our current, positive situation.

Personally, I continue to be grateful for the interest and concern that so many of you express and demonstrate. Visitors from other bridge clubs regularly comment about how different we seem and want to know the “secret” of our success, I always tell them that it is three things: 1) an exceptional, hard-working staff; 2) an exemplary education program with outstanding teachers; and, 3) YOU – our caring and supportive members.  THANK YOU for all you give and do!

Andie Marshall, IBC Board President