Board Meeting Update

Last update for 2022

Dear IBC Members: 

Thank you for your support during this past year which meant we could continue operating and be optimistic for 2023. Our holiday party was a big success thanks to the creativity and hard work of Sharon, Charlene, John, and everyone who brought food/beverages, and helped with setup and cleanup. It was a fun evening with fifty LM players and thirty-two NLM players!

You can help get 2023 started with a bang by attending the New Year’s Eve party at 7:00 for the social hour and the game at 8:00.

$50 annual dues are due January 1. Please send a check to IBC or drop one off the next time you play. This week’s games will be a good opportunity, if you have not paid yet. The 2023 paid member database is going to be a benefit for “cleaning up” our active member files for future communications and, of course, for determining a player’s game fees.

The 2023 IBC Board of Directors and officers can be found in two places on the
website in the About section under “About the Club” and “Board of Directors.”  

2023 IBC Board officers:
President – Andie Marshall
Vice President – Pam Rhine
Secretary – Beth Morton
Treasurer – Eric Linton  

One of my 2023 goals, as President, is to communicate regularly. I intend to send paid members a monthly email after the board minutes have been approved. The monthly report will contain: a financial update, a draft of the agenda for the next board meeting, and a summary of any actions or decisions made at the board meeting.   

We are looking forward to seeing you at IBC often in 2023 which, hopefully, will be a healthy and happy new year for all!!

Andie Marshall, President