Board Meeting Update

Dear IBC members and players:                                                                           

March is going to be a fun month at IBC!    

  • 13th Player of the Month Party for Brett Roby at 11:00 Open Game
  • 19th Novice of the Month Party for Kate and Greg Kalisz at 6:30 0-200 Game
  • 21st Women’s Contract Game at 11:30
  • 25th – 30th Sectional Tournament At Club (STAC) Week – chance to earn silver, red, gold points
  • 27th Emerald Day in honor of IBC’s Emerald Life Masters (7,500+ points
  • Reminder: IBC will be closed on Sunday, March 31

I know you are always interested in our financial status. Despite being closed for a week, January ended as another in the black month – yea! Income was budgeted for $22,600 and the actual was $22,645. Expense was budgeted for $21,858 and the actual was only $16,187. Our paid annual dues members now total 393 just seven away from our goal of 400. Thank you so much for helping us reach these goals! (The 2023 end of the year financials have been posted on the bulletin boards in the front room and back hallway.)

Reminder: ACBL National Tournament is March 14-24 in Louisville (within driving distance) at the Galt House Hotel. Our Club Manager, Sharon Austin, is being honored by the Central Indiana Bridge Association (CIBA)with a special game on March 20th. It’s for a higher level of player than many of us but it would be thoughtful to send her a card or note of congratulations for this recognition of all she has contributed to the game she loves.

IBC’s Mission is to “promote the learning and playing of bridge for players of all ages and all playing levels in an inviting environment” and our Vision includes “…will be a welcoming community.” With the election year upon us, please remember that IBC has a “No Politics Policy.” This includes IBC members not using email addresses obtained from the IBC website to send political and non-IBC business messages. We appreciate your observance of the policy.

I have said it multiple times but cannot say it enough: IBC continues to operate because of your generosity and loyalty. During the COVID catastrophe, we had to ask you to open your wallets and you did. Many continue to make unsolicited donations and we appreciate it! What we want now is your time as volunteers for our board committees. For several years, board members have chaired and comprised the majority of the committees’ members. Serving on a committee can enhance your bridge friendships and help you learn more about IBC. We are going to be more active in soliciting your participation so watch for opportunities to share your time and talents with us.

In the meantime, our 2024 Board Committees and the chairs are: Finance – Larry Cohen; Membership – Pam Rhine; Social – Joe Shierling: Marketing and Communication – Katherine Miller and Joyce Pepple; and Facilities – Jeff Running. If you have questions about a committee, please ask the chair.

Signs of spring are popping up everywhere. March Madness is on its way. Snowbirds are returning. With better weather, we hope to see you more often and bring a friend.

Andie Marshall, IBC Board President