Board Meeting Update

Dear IBC members and players:

My apologies for the belated update but health issues and a vacation changed my usual routine.

Financial status of IBC

  1. We finished 2023 in the “black” achieving all the goals of our business plan. I will post the end of the year profit and loss statement on the bulletin board in the back hallway at IBC.
  2. Our goal of 400 paid members annually is a little short currently but we expect to meet it when snowbirds return and the beginners classes start. With the constant support of most of our members, we are still operating because we made the very hard decisions to charge annual membership dues and increase game fees. Hindsight is always better and IBC could not have known the future would change so drastically. Please pay your dues if you have not.
  3. Our monthly F2F player goal remains 1600. We expect the winter months to be less due to weather and snowbirds.   January did fall short but being closed for a week for the regional was a big part of that. WE NEED YOU so please keep coming to IBC to play. The weather is cooperating, so driving is not hazardous – except the darn potholes.
  4. There are 67 students enrolled in classes and a series of new classes starts in April.

Congratulations and Thank Yous

  • Brett Roby is January’s Player of the Month (POM) and Greg and Kate Kalisz are the Novice of the Month (NOM) players.
  • Thank you to staff, volunteers, and players for making the Sweetheart Party a great success!
  • Thank you to Diane Roberts, Matt Cory, and Doug Day for volunteering to make those important, time-consuming calls for our partnership program. We are trying to enhance the service by offering a partnership desk online.
  • Special thanks to Susan Neves for creating a video to demonstrate how to register for it. To view it, go to our website home page. The link to the video is under the list of partnership chairs. Click on the link and watch and learn. We have devoted lots of hours and effort to updating the website and providing relevant information for you. If you have not done it already, please visit the website.
  • Thank you so much to Mary King for agreeing to chair the 2024 Longest Day fundraiser!

Mark Your Calendars

  • IBC will be closed on Sunday, March 31.
  • Emerald Life Master Party is on Wednesday, March 27, honoring IBC’s Emerald level players.
  • Staff is making plans for an extended time for game and food on the day of the Solar Eclipse – watch for more information. Get your glasses ready!

IBC Board and Committees
The board and staff had a retreat in January and identified four priority strategic areas: high quality programs, games and classes to satisfy player needs; financial strength and viability; high performing board and staff; and improved communication with members and general public. Success requires expanding and energizing our committees and will require asking you for more help, not money- but your time and talents. Be ready: we know where you live. HA!                                                                                                                                         Take care and, as always, thank you for all you do for IBC!

Andie Marshall, IBC Board President