Board Meeting Update

January 9, 2024 from Andie Marshall, IBC Board Preident

Happy New Year!  As always we have good things to celebrate; congratulations to: Player of the Month, Mike Hellmer, and Novice of the Month, Bob Young. For those who do not know, a player is awarded this honor only once a year. Points must be earned in games played at IBC and the Novice Player is someone with less than 100 points. We also just learned that CIBA is honoring Sharon Austin with a special game in her name at the ACBL Nationals in Louisville on March 20. If you have never attended a national tournament, this is a doubly great opportunity – within driving distance – to earn all kinds of colors and points and to show appreciation for all Sharon has given to bridge and IBC! Make plans now to get a group to go and have a great time. (There are multiple games at all levels of play.)

Speaking of tournaments: The CIBA Regional is quickly approaching. Check our website for all details or get a flyer at IBC. The tournament begins Monday, January 15, and ends on Sunday, January 21. As you know, CIBA has been an amazing partner and financial help as we worked to keep IBC operating the past few years so I hope many of you are planning to play…and often. IBC will be closed that week which gives us an opportunity to clean the carpeting and do a general “sprucing.” If you can take down tables and chairs, on Monday, at 10am, please let Sharon know you will be there.


Board Business                                                                                                     Officers of the IBC Board for 2024: President-Andie Marshall; Vice President-Larry Cohen; Secretary-Beth Morton; and Treasurer-Eric Linton. Susan May has agreed to act as Assistant Secretary with the expectation that she will take the office of Secretary in 2025. There is a board/staff retreat this month to do strategic thinking/planning for IBC’s future. We are determined to sustain IBC’s capacity to continue serving the bridge community. Your support will make 2024 as strong as 2023. Our plan for financial stability is based primarily on three factors:
1) 400 annual dues paying members;
2) a monthly average of 1600 F2F players; and
3) adding 40 new, dues paying members annually to help compensate for members who move away, have health or family restrictions, or loss of lives.


We are gratified by members who have moved, can no longer come to IBC and/or live in other Indiana communities and still pay membership dues. 320 players have paid 2024 annual dues and you can help reach 400 by paying, if you have not. Twenty-five players are registered for the learning to play classes and Sharon expects more. Free classes in August and the monthly Rubber Bridge games on the second Wednesday at 1:00 provide ways to reach new members. Please encourage people you know to participate in one or more.


We continue to work with staff to develop a written procedures manual and on ways to increase use of the website and online partnership desk.


Club Manager’s Report


431 F2F tables in December and 18 players on BBO (Tuesday night game)
Upcoming party reminder: Penny Millar POM on January 24 11:00 Open Game.
Watch for news about a very special Sweethearts Party in February


February Calendar –ACBL Education Fund Month
There are several Education Fund games scheduled. The extra game fee is given to ACBL to support its Education Fund and some of what we give is returned to IBC for our education program. Joyce Pepple will send calendar updates in the Communication Committee’s weekly emails. Thanks, Joyce, and thanks to all of you for your ongoing commitment to IBC’s vision and mission!