Board Meeting Update

The board met on Monday and began with BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO JOYCE PEPPLE FOR BEING NAMED THE FRAN PETTIJOHN AWARD WINNER! That high honor could not have a more deserving recipient.

Bittersweet announcements followed from Assistant Club Manager, Charlene Lutz. She reminded us of her retirement, effective December 31, and the necessary administrative changes. Charlene is also our super volunteer and shopper for the annual Toys for Tots Drive and gratefully announced that donations were above and beyond expectations. She asked us to help thank everyone who gave toys, time, and/or money to make it a success for so many children and their families. Your ongoing support and generosity made 2023 a very good year for IBC!

We have exceeded our financial goals, continued to add new members, expanded our community outreach, developed a succession plan for the club manager, and, hopefully, improved communication with you.  

Club Manager’s Report 

  • 417 F2F tables in November (1,668 players) and 24 on BBO (Tuesday night game)
  • Congratulations to Player of the Month, Penelope Millar, and Novice of the Month, Greg Borcherding. Their party dates will be announced later.
  • Carpet will be cleaned during the week of the Indianapolis Regional while IBC is closed. Volunteers will be needed one morning to help prepare the rooms for cleaning.
  • Explained significant price increase in books for classes.
  • Asked for board approval to move funds from the checking account to CDs to earn a higher interest rate. A motion to make the changes was seconded and unanimously approved. 
  • Party reminders: Holiday Party is Saturday, December 23, with pitch-in at noon and game at 1:00; New Year’s Eve party is a fundraiser for the Indiana Bridge Foundation.

January Calendar Updates

  • Tuesdays – $5 Buck Up for Open Games 
  • 1st – open New Year’s Day
  • 4th and 25th – Women’s Contract Club at 11:30  
  • 10th – Rubber Bridge game at 1:00
  • 11th – Club Championship
  • 12th – Thank you/Retirement party for Charlene Lutz
  • 15th – 21st – Indianapolis Regional (IBC closed)
  • 24th and 27th – Club Championship Games

Committee Reports
Education (Matt Cory) January class scheduled is set; will be emailed/posted at IBC and on the website.
Membership (Pam Rhine) Rubber Bridge game is building a repeat group with some players attending Saturday Practice Play and expressing interest in other classes. Rubber Bridge Games will be monthly on the second Wednesday. John Nichols’ directing these games is invaluable. 
Communications and Marketing (Katherine MillerPartnership Desk subcommittee continues to explore options for improving and increasing its use by members/players.
Finance (Larry Cohen, Budget subcommittee chair) 2024 proposed budget was reviewed and approved. Copies will be posted on IBC Bulletin boards.

The IBC Board and Staff wish you happy holidays and a healthy and happy new year!
Andie Marshall, IBC Board President