Board Meeting Update

Dear Members:

In addition to my monthly update, I am asking Joyce to send you my report on the annual meeting. (see below)

Check the calendar on the website for all special events/ games. There will be several upgraded Club Championship games in November. Other games of note:

  • November 8 – Free Rubber Bridge Party
  • November 10 – Larry Cohen ROM Party 
  • November 13 – Fran Pettijohn Day
  • November 17-19 – Indy Sectional at IBC
  • November 23 – Closed for Thanksgiving
  • Tuesdays – $5 Buck Up Games

The board elected its officers for 2024:

  • President – Andie Marshall
  • Vice President – Larry Cohen
  • Secretary – Beth Morton
  • Treasurer – Eric Linton.

The board also approved “official” adoption of ACBL’s “Zero Tolerance Policy.” Larry Cohen presented the proposed 2024 budget for review and to be voted upon at the December 4 board meeting. You will get a copy with more explanation once it is adopted. Hard copy drafts of Whistleblower and IBC Sanctioned Games policies were given to the directors for their consideration and review before asking them to vote on them in December. 

Rookie of the Month is Chris Egan and Bev Brown is the Player of the Month. Congratulations! There were 469,5 F2F tables (1800+ players) and 12.5 online Carpet is scheduled for cleaning in January.  Sharon is excited about lots of special activities coming your way. Two charity drives are starting now through the first week of December: Toys for Tots and the Women’s Contract Club’s Help the Homeless Drive, (Read my annual meeting report, check the website, watch for notices at IBC for more details about both.) The Holiday Party is Saturday, December 23, with IBC providing the entrée and members asked to pitch-in sides and desserts, The New Year’s Eve Party will again be a fundraiser for the Indiana Bridge Foundation. More special parties are being planned and she will provide details when they are finalized.

Education – Chair Matt Cory said there will be seven new classes offered in January.
Membership – Chair Pam Rhine reminded us that the next Free Rubber Bridge class is this Wednesday.
Communications and Marketing – Doug Day, a partnership desk coordinator, updated the board on his work compiling a player directory to try to improve the partnership process on the website.

One of the hardest challenges for me this past year has been remaining upbeat when so many dear friends have died. Fritz Hadley was respected and loved by many at IBC. He was an accomplished player, a dedicated supporter of the center, a mentor/teacher to several, and, an interesting/intelligent man. Some friends asked if we could create a memorial fund and we have. It will last until there are no funds contributed. Donations will be used to: support the mentor program and for free plays to novice players. If you wish to contribute, make a note on your check to IBC designating “Fritz Fund.”

REMINDER: We have a diverse lending library in the back room, Please check it out and take books.

As always, thanks for all you do and give. You make it an honor to serve on the board!


Indianapolis Bridge Center, Inc. (IBC) Annual Meeting
November 04, 2023 

The meeting was called to order at 12:30pm by IBC Board President, Andie Marshall. Attendees were reminded that they could not play for free in the game following the meeting if they were not paid members of IBC.

President Marshall asked if there were any additional nominations for IBC Board of Directors for 2024-2026. Joe Shierling moved that the voting be closed and Howard Anderson seconded it. The motion passed. Club Manager, Sharon Austin, and Assistant Club Manager, Charlene Lutz, took the ballots to another room to count.

Recognition was given to those who made 2023 a positive year: dues paying members (45 over goal); F2F players (exceeding goal); those who took classes; mentees and mentors; donors to Longest Day Fundraiser (a record breaker); supporters of special events; teachers, game directors, and IBC staff.  Marshall thanked the IBC board for its dedicated hard work and said they will miss Howard Anderson whose board term ends in December., 

Marshall acknowledged individuals who volunteered leadership in three critical areas and two groups who contributed significantly to IBC’s success. Jim Rowen and Pam Rhine (with staff and other volunteers) produced the Financial and Succession Plans. Darryl Neves and Susan Neves conducted a much-needed technology audit, resulting in some changes and improvements. Joyce Pepple was applauded for her major contributions to achieving the board’s goal to improve communication with/to IBC members via its website and email systems. The Indiana Bridge Foundation (IBF) has been the primary support for our free learn to play bridge classes by helping to pay for teachers, supplies, and volunteer recognition! Having the capacity to host the Central Indiana Bridge Association (CIBA) Sectionals earned much-needed revenue and introduced non-members to the facility. CIBA also graciously donated its leftover snacks to IBC! 

Two major goals were accomplished in 2023: 1) enough financial stability to give overdue and greatly earned raises to the Management Team in 2024; and, 2) a Succession Plan for the Club Manager position. Marshall explained executive succession plans are standard, good business practice and the board hopes Sharon will remain as long as she wants. The Succession Plan is effective January 01, 2024, to include: Club Manager for 25 hours a week; Assistant Club Manager to be hired by January 1 at 10-15 hours weekly; and, a part-time Bridge Operations Director. The Club Manager will develop succession plans for the two positions. Written Operations Manuals will also be completed as part of the plan. Charlene Lutz has resigned as Assistant Manager as of December 31, 2023.

November and December offer three opportunities for giving: Toys for Tots, Women’s Contract Club’s Help the Homeless Drive, and a new Fritz Fund. There will be designated boxes at IBC for unwrapped toys and hats. gloves/mittens, scarves, socks, and underwear for adults and children. Charlene Lutz will also accept cash and shop for toys. Friends of Fritz Hadley requested a memorial fund to be used to support the mentor program and free plays for novice players. Checks should note “FRITZ FUND” for the donation. (Sorry, not tax deductible.)

Lutz announced that Matt Cory, Susan May, and Beth Morton had been elected to the board.

John Nichols moved to adjourn; it was seconded and passed at 12:55 pm.
Andie Marshall, IBC Board President