Board Meeting Update

From IBC Board President, Andie Marshall:

I hope you were able to play in Friday’s Open Game celebrating Wanda Cavinder and Frank Tharp’s marriage. Congratulations also to August’s Player of the Month, Mike Hellmer, and our Rookie of the Month, Peter Lach.  Annual paid member number is 444 (goal was 400). New members who join before the end of 2023 receive a “bonus” as their memberships will extend through December 31, 2024. F2F player count continues to exceed our monthly goal of 1600 and income for the year is more than budgeted while expenses are less.  The IBC Board has two other financial goals for 2023: build a six-month operating reserve and be able to budget pay increases for the management team (well-deserved and long overdue). Both goals are being achieved!!!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW – SATURDAY, November 4, is the Annual Membership Meeting and election of directors for the IBC Board. Three directors have completed their terms: Beth Morton, Matt Cory and Howard Anderson. There is no limit to the number of consecutive three-year terms a director may serve. Gary Thomas and Howard Anderson, Nominating Committee, are seeking candidates for the three open positions. Please talk to them or any current board member if you are interested in being on the slate for the IBC Board. We are a “working board” and those expectations are posted on the website (click here to view) and bulletin boards at IBC. The slate of candidates must be presented to the members by October 15. Ballots for early voting will be available at that time. Members who will be out of town or cannot attend the November 4 meeting may cast absentee ballots which must be received by October 31. Watch for more information on the website and in future emails.

Education and Communication Committee:  

  • The Mentor Program has begun with 29 pairs participating.  WOW!
  • The Sunday beginners’ class has 70+ players and the Review Class which meets before had 20 last week. Thanks to the volunteers who generously give time to attend and help!
  • Watch Joyce Pepple’s Sunday night email, the newsletter, and website for class updates and details so you can promote our education program. 

Communications and Marketing Committee:  continuing to try to find ways to improve access to and utilization of the website’s partnership desk (involving hours of time and discussions with multiple US clubs but to no avail – yet). Kudos to Joyce Pepple and Mona Loft for their dedicated and informative email communications.

Membership Committee: monitoring and evaluating the Social Bridge Tournaments. The next one will be Wednesday, November 1. Ask Pam Rhine, Larry Cohen, or John Nichols if you want more details. Tell your friends who just “like to play bridge!”  

Coming Next Month:

  • October 6,7, & 8 – Non-Life Master Regional at IBC so there will be no IBC games that weekend. There will be 
    • 2-session gold rush games Friday and Saturday at 10:00 & 2:30 – single session entries are accepted but cannot win gold or overalls
    • Sunday SwissTeams – 2 sessions at 10:00 & 2:30 – no single session entries
    • 0-49 games on Friday & Sunday at 2:30
    • 0-20 !FREE! game on Saturday at 2:30
      No player may be over 750 masterpoints
      No Life Masters
  • October 9-15 and 23-29 – Club Appreciation Weeks (Players can earn extra master points.)
  • October 12 at 6:30 – Swiss Team/one session = only game where IBC can give gold points.  
  • October 21- Mixed Pairs with a 5:30 social hour and game at 6:30 = fun and food.
  • October 26 –Women’s Contract Club at 11:30 initiates its new guest social game (for women with 50+ master points). Ask President Deborah Vance or Pam Kilgard about it. Click here for the calendar of games.

As always, big thanks for your support of IBC. You are making 2023 a really good year!

Andie Marshall, IBC Board President