My Experience at Nationals

by Christopher Egan

     It has been a pleasure to meet and compete with many of you at the bridge table these past eighteen months.  Many of you suggested that I would find success at the national bridge tournament.  Unfortunately, I did not play well, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a good story to share.
My wife traveled with me, and Louisville being a convenient location, my daughter took a holiday weekend from her studies at WKU to join us.  After family dinner on Friday, we do what we do which is to enjoy time together with a board game, and we chose to do so in the walkway bar.
     Occasionally, someone is curious enough to inquire about our happenings, and we are always happy to meet new people and share about our interest in the board game hobby.  In this case, a very nice gentleman stopped by, and after a few pleasantries, we discovered that he was in attendance for the bridge tournament.  Next, I, with my measly 65 master points, inquired as to how many points he had.  In short order, we learned that we were conversing with Nic L’Ecuyer, THE multi-year Canadian bridge champion.  We had a very pleasant and extended conversation.
     It is my position that persons like this exist in their own sphere and have their own gravity.  In no time, several other world class players became curious as to why Mr. L’Ecuyer was having such an extended conversation with me, a bridge nobody, and before I know it, and without truly appreciating it, I am surrounded by bridge royalty.  Then my daughter, through her liquid courage, pulls out a generic deck of cards and asks them to play one hand of bridge with me, and just like that, I played a hand of bridge with Fredrik Nystrom, Antonio Palma, and Omer Ekinci.