April 2023 Newsletter

Club Championships

The entire week from Sunday, April 16th, to Saturday April 22nd, is full of club championship games at every F2F game at the IBC: high performers will earn extra masterpoints.


The Sectional Tournament at Clubs is Monday 4/3 to Saturday 4/8. Note that if you do well, you can earn silver masterpoints. As a special treat, the club has scheduled a Swiss Teams game on Saturday 4/8. There will be games for both open and 0-200 players if numbers permit.

Louisville NABC Promotional Games

The Winter Nationals in 2024 will be held in Louisville, KY in March.  We will be holding a week of promotional games to support our district in holding the tournament. Extra points at the club all week long.

Table Count

Table count for January was 405 F2F and 27 online. Thanks much to those who played.

Mixed Pairs

Mixed Pairs are Saturday evening April 15th, with socializing at 5:30 and the game at 6:30.

Bridge Classes

Bridge classes will start the week of April 10, and a class for beginners will begin April 16th.

Member Accomplishments

Player of the Month for February is Pam Strack. Celebrate with her in the morning games of April 10th.

Kenneth Abbott is Rookie of the Month for February. Watch for news of his party.

Dear Bridgett

Are Blackwood and Gerber alertable?

Just Asking

Dear Asking

The ACBL allows clubs to set their own rules for alerts.  The reduce confusion for our players when they attend tournaments the IBC has chosen to follow the ACBL tournament regulations regarding alerts.  You can find those regulations at https://web2.acbl.org/documentLibrary/play/Alert-Procedures.pdf.

In the section on Artificial Bids these regulations specify

Do not alert the following bids:

  1. A 4C bid asking for aces or keycards directly over a No-Trump bid or in an auction that started with an Opening No Trump Sequence. (Added note: if 4C is used as Gerber in a suit auction it must be alerted.)
  2. A 4NT bid asking for aces or keycards.

However, the responses to Blackwood and Gerber are artificial bids and they are not excluded from alerts.  Because these responses are made on or after the openers first rebid they are ‘Delayed Alerts’ — this means that they are not alerted immediately, but at the end of the auction.  Most people explain the responses at that time.  If they don’t the opponents can ask and then they must be explained.

John Nichols

(for Bridgett)

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