Board of Directors

Andie Marshall

Larry Cohen

Beth Morton

Nick Curott

  • Susan May
  • Nick Curott
  • Katherine Miller
  • Joyce Pepple
  • Jeff Running
  • Joe Shierling


Board Committees

Membership - Open
Membership & Communications, Katharine Miller, Chair
Facilities - Open
Social - Joe Shierling

Board Responsibilities

Summary of “Ten Basic Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards” paper issued by The National Center for Nonprofit Boards (paper can be found on NCNB’s website):

  1. Determine the organization’s mission and purpose
  2. Select the organization’s management executive
  3. Support the executive and review his or her performance (at least annually)
  4. Ensure effective organizational planning
  5. Ensure adequate resources
  6. Manage resources effectively
  7. Determine and monitor the organization’s programs and services
  8. Enhance the organization’s public image
  9. Serve as a court of appeal (when requested by the management staff)
  10. Assess its own performance

Basic assumptions of every board members’ duties:

  1. Prepare for and attend regular and special meetings of the board
  2. Review agenda, minutes, and financial statements
  3. Provide requested reports (preferably in writing to give to recording secretary)
  4. Be aware of standard rules of order/procedure.
  5. Support special events – financial and/or personal attendance/participation.
  6. Be a positive promoter of the organization.
  7. The smaller the organization and staff, the greater the level of active participation needed by a “working board.”
  8. With the 2022 IBC Board decision to assess membership dues annually, it is assumed that board
    directors will pay their annual dues by January 1.

For Your Information

A copy of IBC Bylaws is posted on the main bulletin board at the Center. Copies of Board Minutes and Monthly Financial Reports are available upon request to the Club Manager or Board President.

Click here for the IBC CODE OF BYLAWS Rev 2021


1. The IBC Board of Directors endeavors to comply with the nonprofit board member ten basic
responsibilities issued by The National Center for Nonprofit Boards and, in addition, identifies
expectations for officers and directors of the IBC Board.
2. Historically IBC Boards have adhered to the “majority rules” practice and supported the board’s
majority decisions, knowing there will undoubtedly be disagreements. Board members have usually
agreed also not to express a disapproval/disagreement verbally or in writing to IBC members.