Game Fees

$12 for Members

$15 for Non-Members

Annual Membership – $50


Some folks have asked if they can make donations to IBC.  Cash donations are always appreciated but, although IBC is not-for-profit, it is not a charity so such donations are not tax deductible.

If you would like to make a donation, please send checks payable to Indianapolis Bridge Center to:

Indianapolis Bridge Center
8030 Castleway Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46250

Our History

The Indianapolis Bridge Center can trace its roots to bridge “royalty.”  In the early 1960’s, Easley Blackwood started Indianapolis’ first duplicate bridge club, first called the Blackwood Bridge Club, then becoming the Northside Bridge Center, and finally established as a nonprofit entity named the Indianapolis Bridge Center in 1991.   Easley Blackwood was indeed bridge royalty.  He originated one of bridge’s most commonly known conventions for slam bidding, referred to as Blackwood.   He was a prolific writer and teacher, having published over ten books on bridge.  He was the Executive Secretary of the American Contract Bridge Association from 1968-71 and was elected to the ACBL Hall of Fame in 1995. 

When you join the Indianapolis Bridge Center, you essentially own a piece of this rich heritage and have a voice, through your vote, on how the club is managed.   You will soon learn that Mr. Blackwood’s gift to Indianapolis bridge is being wonderfully honored and maintained under the masterful hand of our manager, Sharon Austin.

Welcome to your club.    

Our Vision

The Indianapolis Bridge Center will be the best bridge center in the country, a welcoming community with the facilities, amenities, people, and funding to make the Indianapolis Bridge Center an outstanding place to learn and play bridge and to accommodate the resulting growth. 

Our Mission

The Indianapolis Bridge Center will promote the learning and playing of bridge for players of all ages and all playing levels in an inviting environment. 

For Your Information

A copy of IBC Bylaws is posted on the main bulletin board at the Center. Copies of Board Minutes,  Monthly Financial Reports, and Tax Form 990 are available upon request to Club Manager or Board President.

Board of Directors

Andie Marshall

Larry Cohen

Beth Morton

Eric Linton

  • Susan May
  • Pam Rhine
  • Katherine Miller
  • Joyce Pepple
  • Jeff Running
  • Joe Shierling

Certified Directors / Teachers

  • Sharon Austin
  • Lois Scott
  • Matt Cory
  • Linda Benedix
  • John Nichols
  • Gary Thomas
  • Pam Rhine
  • Joyce Pepple
  • Tom Frank

Board Committees

  • Membership – Pam Rhine, Chair
  • Education – Matt Cory, Chair
  • Membership & Communications, Katharine Miller, Chair
  • Facilities – Jeff Running, Chair

Management Team

  • Sharon Austin, Club Manager
  • Matt Cory, Assistant Manager
  • John Nichols, Bridge Operations Director

Table Counts

  2024 2023 2022 2021 2020
Jan 339.5 475.5 402.5 835 516.8
Feb 334 432 393.5 798 572
Mar 324 460.5 421.75 755 289.8
Apr 503 466.5 422,5 633 341
May   444 413 592 751
Jun   502 413.5 513 723
Jul   501 428 447 808
Aug   591.5 509.5 404 750
Sep   520.5 465 384 789
Oct   482 502 427 746
Nov   441 415 422 767
Dec   449 434.5 393 772