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IBC welcomes bridge players of all skill levels


Looking for a partner? Contact:
Diane Roberts – 0-500 MPs (317-698-3188)
Matt Cory – 500+ MPs (mcorye1@gmail.com)
Doug Day – 500+ MPs (dougdayski@mindspring.com)
Deanna Nesbit – 500+ MPs  (317-445-4159)

To send an online request to Matt or Doug, click here and complete the form.

Did you qualify for North American Pairs?

Click here to see if you qualified for the next North American Pairs event. The list includes all of District 11. Scroll down to Unit 130 to check for your name.

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            The Longest Day Fundraiser            

Thank you to all the volunteers and donors that helped make the 2024 Longest Day fundraising efforts for IBC a success.  We have surpassed our $50,000 goal and are currently at $60,464.50 with checks still coming in. There’s one more event. The Home Goods sale will be July 28-31. Any money raised during July will go to this year’s goals.

                    Extra Points Games                       

  • Club Championship Games
    • Thursday, July 25 – 0-200 game
    • Wednesday, July 31 – 0-100 game
    • Saturday, August 3 @ 1PM (open)
    • Monday, August 5 @ 10:30 (0-500) & 11AM (open)
    • Tuesday August 6 @ 6:30PM (0-200)
    • Friday, August 9 @ 9:30 (0-500) & 11AM (open)
    • Wednesday, August 14 @ 11 (Open)
  • North American Pairs Qualifier Games
    • Tuesday, July 23 – 10:30 0-2500 & 11:00 Open games
    • Saturday, July 27 – 1:00 Open game
    • Monday, July 29 – 10:30 0-500 & 11:00 Open games
    • Friday, August 2 @ 9:30 0-500 & 11:00 Open games
    • Wednesday, August 7 11:00 Open game
    • Saturday, August 10 @ 1:00 Open game
    • Tuesday, August 13 10:30 0-2500 & 11:00 Open games
    • Sunday, August 18 @ 6PM 0-2500 game
    • Monday, August 26  @ 10:30 0-500 & 11:00 Open games

For information about North American Pairs, click here.

                     Upcoming Parties                          

  •  Mary Pat Schmidt Novice of the Month Party
    • Tuesday, August 13
    • 6:30 p.m. 0-200 game late)
  • Mixed Pairs
    • Saturday, August 17
    • 5:30 Social Hour; 6:30 Game
    • Sign-up sheets are in the hallway

          Earn Colored Points in August           

Get your partners lined up now!

  • STaC Week August 19-25
    • STaC stands for Sectional Tournament at Clubs.
    • Playing for SILVER points at every game ALL WEEK
    • Only games played at the club! 
  • Pop-Up Games – Aug, 30, 31, & Sept. 1
    Curious about what a Pop-Up game is? Me too! Here’s how ACBL describes them: “Created to revitalize weekend club games, Pop-Ups are special games that can be held at face-to-face or ACBL Virtual Clubs.”
    What sets POP-UPs apart? The masterpoint awards are 50% red, 50% black!

                      Beginner Games                               

Ask Questions! No partner needed to play!

Sundays @ 2 p.m.   (0-50 masterpoints)
Tuesdays @ 6:30 p.m.   (0-200 masterpoints)
Wednesdays @ 6:30 p.m.  (0-100 masterpoints)
Thursdays @ 9:30 a.m.  (0-200 masterpoints)

  Practice Play – every Saturday at 10 a.m.  

NOTICE – No Practice Play in August; attend the free Return to Bridge class instead. Same time and location as Practice Play.

  • Sharon teaches using hands to reinforce lesson topic
  • No partner needed
  • 10:00 a.m.
  • Cost: $10



Fun was had by all at the Summer Picnic in July.

Thank you grill masters - Tony & Scott

Img 2274

Thank you party planners.

Img 2279

Women's Contract Club closing party. Susan Neves was the big winner! Woohoo! Diane Roberts was thanked for helping members find partners. 

Img 0824 Img 0827 Img 0828

Remembering Our Partners board overflowing!

Img 0898

My Experience at Nationals in Louisville
by Christopher Egan

     It has been a pleasure to meet and compete with many of you at the bridge table these past eighteen months.  Many of you suggested that I would find success at the national bridge tournament.  Unfortunately, I did not play well, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a good story to share.
     My wife traveled with me, and Louisville being a convenient location, my daughter took a holiday weekend from her studies at WKU to join us.  After family dinner on Friday, we do what we do which is to enjoy time together with a board game, and we chose to do so in the walkway bar.
     Occasionally, someone is curious enough to inquire about our happenings, and we are always happy to meet new people and share about our interest in the board game hobby.  In this case, a very nice gentleman stopped by, and after a few pleasantries, we discovered that he was in attendance for the bridge tournament.  Next, I, with my measly 65 master points, inquired as to how many points he had.  In short order, we learned that we were conversing with Nic L’Ecuyer, THE multi-year Canadian bridge champion.  We had a very pleasant and extended conversation.
     It is my position that persons like this exist in their own sphere and have their own gravity.  In no time, several other world class players became curious as to why Mr. L’Ecuyer was having such an extended conversation with me, a bridge nobody, and before I know it, and without truly appreciating it, I am surrounded by bridge royalty.  Then my daughter, through her liquid courage, pulls out a generic deck of cards and asks them to play one hand of bridge with me, and just like that, I played a hand of bridge with Fredrik Nystrom, Antonio Palma, and Omer Ekinci.
2024 0322 Bridge At Nationals

Sharon's party at Nationals. 

Sharon's Party At Nationals

From the NABC Daily Bulletin: Sharon Austin
The Central Indiana Bridge Association (Unit 130) proudly recognizes Sharon Austin, Diamond
Life Master, club manager, teacher and friend. Sharon’s interest in cards began when junior high friends decided to learn to play poker. One mother, who  was not so keen on girls playing poker,
introduced them to auction bridge as an alternative. Later, as an adult, Sharon became a sub in a neighbor’s bridge club, eventually leading her to both the Terre Haute Bridge Club and the Blackwood Bridge Club in Indianapolis. Her passion for the game led her forward. Almost three decades ago, Sharon became the assistant manager of whatwould become the Indianapolis Bridge
Center (IBC), and for the past decade, she has served as manager of the club’s operations. However, if you ask Sharon about her favorite accomplishment in bridge, she will beam when she tells you about her role as a teacher. Her six class series of beginner classes brings in approximately 100 attendees each year. She encourages a strong schedule of class offerings throughout the year, each taught by a certified ACBL teacher. She firmly believes that a vibrant teaching program is the basis of the strength and popularity of the IBC. Her members also applaud her efforts as she annually conducts a weeklong program in support of the ACBL’s
The Longest Day fundraiser. IBC has consistently been one of the top five clubs in the country in terms of funds raised since the program was begun by ACBL, a great tribute to Sharon and
her hard-working volunteers. CIBA says a huge “thank you” to Sharon Austin, a past CIBA president, for her contributions to bridge in Central Indiana.

Woody's game at Nationals. Lots of IBC players there to honor him!


From the NABC Daily Bulletin: Woody Woodworth
In 2023, when the annual standings of winners in the masterpoint races were published, the Central Indiana Bridge Association (CIBA) was pleased to receive the news that local rookie player Woody Woodworth had won the unit’s Helen Shanbrom Ace of Clubs Award for the 100–200 point category, winning 270.69 club points in 2022. However, delving further into the lists, we also learned that Woody was not only the unit winner, but also claimed the high-point honor for District 11. When national honors were given, Woody’s name also topped that list. But wait! Not only did Woody claim the three Shanbrom awards for 2022, but he repeated the feat in the Mini-McKenney race, earning 315.69 points to once again claim the annual title for the 100–200 point category for Unit 130, as well as for District 11, and to complete the trifecta, for the ACBL. Though a rookie player in points, Woody is not new to the game, having started to play at age 7 with his brother. He played through grade school, high school and college, taking a 60-year hiatus before returning to the table in 2021. He is a recognizable face at the Indianapolis Bridge Center, and
works hard at his online game. He says he prefers to be face-to-face with his friends because he gets enjoyment from the social interaction. Wherever he is playing, be it faceto-face or online, CIBA commends Woody for his achievements and hopes to see him at the top of the winners list
for years to come. Congratulations, Woody.

Halloween at IBC.

 Img 0319 


Our beginner bridge class just had their first practice game. Nine tables!

Img 1071 Img 1072 Img 1075

ROM Peter Lach playing at his party!

Rom Peter Lach

2023 Free Beginning Bridge Class - 90 players!

  20230827 143901    20230827 143932

John Peer's Gold Life Master Party. Woohoo!


Fun at Nationals in Chicago.

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Img 9747

Sharon with her 0-200 players at the Audrey Grant lesson. From left to right: Scott Brimbaun, Sharon, Susan May, Brenda Horn, Dennis Smith, Cindy Smith & Tony Benner

Img 4043

Indy Group with famous bridge player Zia Mahmood!

ROM Party. Congratulations!

Joe hosted a big party Tuesday night for IBC ROMs from the past few years. It's wonderful to see so many players in the big room!

Image1   Image3Image4    Image5

Beginner Bridge Class - Practice Game

Gary Thomas and his team held a practice game for the graduating students of IBC's beginner class. What a great turnout!

Women's Contact Halloween Party

These two look like trouble!

Sharon And Penny Halloween

Women's Contract opening party was delightful. Everyone said the food was yummy. I wouldn't know because I was late and only had dessert, which was lava cake with ice cream--fantastic! 

Good News! WCC has opened membership to all women with 50 points or more. So, if you're looking for another fun game to join--Women's Contract is it. Especially, for new members because the big masterpoint players are all generous with their  advice but only if you ask . And, I do!

Here's a couple of pictures from the Opening Party held at Woodstock Country Club:

Img 3555 Img 3560

Dinner & Bridge - We all had a delicious meal prepared by Diane Roberts! And, then, we had a fun game with 10 tables. If you see Diane, please thank her for all her hard work and giving IBC 40 extra players that week!

20220906 172444

Sharon is in charge of donations

Img 0074

Diane Roberts, our chef, and her team.

20220906 172742

Ready to eat!

20220906 180519

That’s a lot of people playing bridge on Tuesday night!

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