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Welcome to the Indianapolis Bridge Center.
Duplicate Bridge games every day on the north side of Indianapolis.
Bridge lessons for beginners and intermediate players. 

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Sad News
Perry Olsen's wife passed away Monday evening.
The funeral will be Saturday - Details will follow.

Hi Bridge Players, I am happy to report that we made $17,360 for Alzheimers this year.
Looks like we will not be first in Indianapolis for this year.
But look out Pat Sullivan we will be coming for you next year!
Thank you Sharon
IBC players - thanks to all of you for your donations and for playing in our Virtual Club and BBO SYC games.  We continue to maintain our playing site. I am at the center three times a week if any of you would like more information please call and leave me a message I will call you back.
Tks Sharon
Congratulations to
Becca Roman
our 10,000th online  player
Silver Lining #2
Monday July 27 - Sunday August 2
All games will award SILVER points at 2 times the regular club awards.
Regular schedule as below
18 board games - $9
22 board games - $10
How to play on BBO
Next Demo - ?????
John at
The Partnership Desk
If you need a partner, click on our tournament and then on Partnership Desk.  Add your name.
Please stay logged on. 
You can't get an invitation if you log off.
Women's Contract
Special game Thursdays @ 10:00
Members Only
The following people played 20 times or more in June - Thank You for Your Support
Becca Roman
Bev Olsen
Charlene Lutz
Joanne Lashmet
Kitty Parrin
Lois Schnabel
Marvin Ferguson
Max Mohan Arora
Nancy Wylie
Patricia Birbiglia
Perry Olsen
Rana Arora
Rhea Ward
Robert Harding
Sally Landrum
Sharon Austin
Sheila Fasbender
Suzi Pratt
Wagner Van Vlack
IBC Is Online
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Our Schedule
Open Games
Monday 1:1521/22 boards - $7.00 - 7 minutes per board
Monday 6:3018 boards - $6.00
Tuesday 1:1518 boards - $6.00
Wednesday 1:1521/22 boards - $7.00 - 7 minutes per board
Thursday 1:1518 boards - $6.00
Friday 1:1521/22 boards - $7.00 - 7 minutes per board
Saturday 1:1518 boards - $6.00
Sunday 1:15 18 boards - $6.00
Limited Games
Sunday 6:000-20018 boards - $6.00
Monday 10:300-50018 boards - $6.00
Tuesday 6:300-10018 boards - $6.00
Wednesday 10:300-50018 boards - $6.00
Thursday 9:300-10018 boards - $6.00
Friday 10:300-50018 boards - $6.00
Friday 6:300-200018 boards - $6.00
Thursday 10:00
Women's Contract
(members only)
18 boards - $6.00

To see your results on BBO click here
To see the final results on ACBL Live, click here about an hour after the game
To see hand records  click on the "hand records" button on the left of the screen about 15 minutes after the game

How to play on BBO:
We have detailed instructions and some videos here
To play go to


June POM: Sheila Fasbender
June ROM: Charlie Backofen

June POM Top 100

May POM: Rana Arora
May ROM: Sherry Levy
May POM Top 100

April POM: Max Arora
April ROM: Jacqueline Holloway
April POM Top 100

March POM: Tom Cone
March ROM: Bob Cram

Monday Series Winners
Second Quarter

A = Rana & Max Arora
B = Harry Preston
C = Barbara Porter

Monday Series Winners
First Quarter

A = Wagner Van Vlack
B = Tom Koralewski
C = Judy Sosin
Friday Series Winners
Second Quarter

A = Wagner Van Vlack
B = Bill Heeter
C = Wendy Cohen

Friday Series Winners
First Quarter

A = Darow Neves
B = Dick & Amy Richardson
C = Jerry Brelage
Monday/Friday Series Standings
Bad Weather Closing Info
Call the Bridge Center at 845-5887
Ou greeting will tell you if we are closed
ACBLCentral Indiana Bridge Association District 11

Draft versions of the Indianapolis Bridge Center calendars for a few months in advance are available under “Calendars” on our website at (see above) If you are planning an event (Life Master Party, Player/Rookie of the Month Party, etc.) you should check there to be sure there is no conflict. 

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